What Our Architecture Firm Offers

At Chris Cooke Architecture, we offer full architectural design, interior design, and construction construction administration services along with advanced 3D modeling and site planning. Our architecture firm is customer-focused, promising to quickly interpret the client's wants and needs.

As design architects, we have a knack for modern and sustainable architecture. Whether it’s residential or commercial, a new build or remodeling, incorporating modern designs into traditional styles or implementing sustainable home design concepts, we will create designs to fit your needs, wants, and desires.

Our Process

What to Expect When Working with Chris Cooke Architecture

Conversation & Study Phase

Before we begin any work, we meet with our clients to discuss what they want to create. Whether that’s a new commercial or home design, or transforming their current space with a renovation.

After we have familiarized ourselves with your commercial or home design wants and needs, we will move into the study phase. This approach executes a study-level, schematic design package that helps us determine where the building should go on a proposed site, what the overall massing will look like, how big of a footprint the building will occupy, and how the floor plan will function. If needed, we will also engage with a contractor for initial feedback on pricing and schedule.

Construction Document Phase

Once the study is complete and the client is satisfied, we proceed with the Construction Document Phase. This phase turns our research into a working set of construction drawings for the build phase. We draw out the building details such as the structural requirements, wall sections, window and door styles and perform the final code review.

Construction Administration Phase

Once the construction documents are complete, we move into the construction administration phase, where we work with a contractor to coordinate the project. The construction administration phase can be included in the base contract or performed as needed per the owners request.

Chris Cooke, R.A.


Chris has a passion for design and creative approaches to each project. Experienced in both commercial and residential architecture, he has won American Institute of Architects and Business First awards for his work. Among the many opportunities that arise during the planning and building process, one of the most critical components is listening and then developing solutions that deliver and perform. The unique nature of the work paired with a projects desires and context can generate architecture that is both responsible and inspirational.

Considered a green architect for his sustainable approach in both commercial and residential architecture, Chris founded Chris Cooke Architecture to create expressive and responsible architecture and to showcase his work as an architect for sustainable design. Chris is a Registered Architect licensed in New York and Pennsylvania.