Bringing Modern Architecture to an 80’s Style Home

This home is situated on one of the most desirable sites along Chautauqua Lake, perched high up on the lake’s east side. There are expansive views of the lake from this location, but interior walls and small windows initially blocked them. The house was also built without a front door, leaving the homeowner and guests walking around back to enter. The new owner wanted to fix those original flaws with a home renovation plan to maintain the homey feel while introducing a more modern architecture style. We removed several of the interior walls and installed new windows along the lakeside of the house. We also removed a bedroom to create a new 2-story entry and front door. The open switchback staircase and steel rail in the new foyer made access to the house intuitive from the exterior and provided some much-needed focus to this faceless house. The dark brown cedar siding was repaired and painted to accentuate the new contrasting siding on the living room volume that projects out from the front facade. We completed the project with a kitchen remodel to feature a screened-in porch connected with a sizable bar-style kitchen island and dining area, perfect for parties and gatherings. To finish off this home renovation, we added a covered deck so the client could enjoy the outdoors while entertaining or relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Lead Project Architect working with Harrington Architecture in 2018.